Regional Orders
Date of Release Title File Attachment
November 13, 2018 RO No. 007, s. 2018 - Basic Guidelines in the Development of Learners' Discipline Manual Download
October 11, 2018 RO No.006,s. 2018-Constituting the Regional Office Performance Management Team (RO PMT) for the 2017 PBB Download
June 18, 2018 RO No. 005, s. 2018 - Amendment to RO No. 007, s. 2017 or the Guidelines on the Procurement Management System for DepEd CAR Download
June 11, 2018 RO No. 004, s. 2018 - Reconstituting the Composition of the PMT and the Grievance Committee in the RPMS Download
June 01, 2018 RO No. 004, s. 2018 - Reconstituting the composition of the Regional Personnel Development Committee (RPDC) Download
May 10, 2018 RO No. 003 s. 2018 - Constituting the Composition of the Regional Office Automatic Payroll Deduction System (APDS) Task Force Download
March 08, 2018 RO No. 002, s. 2018 - Reg'l Guidelines on the Issuance of Gov't Permit to Operate, Establish or Open a New School and Open Grade Level/s in Existing Private Elem. and Secondary School Download
February 22, 2018 RO No. 001, s 2018 - Regional Guidelines on the Implementation of Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES) for Private Basic Education Schools in DepEd-CAR Download
December 27, 2017 RO No. 013, s.2017 - Establishment of a Policy on Contextualization of Learning Resources Download
December 18, 2017 SO No. 014, s.2017 - List of DepEd Officials to be Granted Compensatory Time-off/ Service Credits for attendance to the 2017 Regional Seminar-Workshop on Special Education Download